How to Butterfly Trout

How to Butterfly & Bake Trout: Catch a Trout: A 2 to 4 pound trout is usually the best size to bake. Trout that are bigger should be let go as they are the breeders and do not taste as well. Cut the head off and gut the fish: These pictures were taken on the...

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How to Clean Pike & Remove Y-Bones

How to Fillet Pike & Remove Y-Bones Gordy Johnson of Step 1) Cut down to the backbone (not through it) just below the gill, then slide the knife along the backbone to the tail leaving the fillet attached at the tail. Cut out the lower rib bones by...

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How to Clean Walleye

How to Clean Walleye: 1) Put your knife behind the fin with the blade pointing down. 2) Cut straight down to the backbone without cutting through the backbone, and then turn your knife sideways to point the blade towards the tail. 3) Now cut straight down the backbone...

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Deep Water Thermocline Trout Tips

Light Tackle Deep Water Trout Techniques Pasha Lake Cabins has many trout lakes you can drive to by car, boat-in or portage-to. Even if you're vacationing at Pasha Lake Cabins for the awesome Walleye and Pike fishing, you can still fish deep for trout with your light...

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River Trout Tips & techniques

The tips below are actually good for any species of trout. The only main difference is the migration of trout in Northern Ontario streams is different than trout in a mountain stream or trout that run up rivers from the Great Lakes or the ocean. Tips compliments of...

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45 Lakes Within 2 Hours

From the Pasha Lake Cabins Basecamp, there are many lakes that offer a variety of Trout opportunities for both Numbers and Trophy fish.

We don’t want our guests thinking that they just have Pasha Lake to fish. We want our guests to experience the adventure and thrill of fishing a different lake every day. You can think of Pasha Lake as the gateway to some of the top lakes in Ontario and a starting point for multiple Trophy expeditions. Lakes are accessible by boat or driving. Some lakes require a short walk down some portage paths through the forest, which adds to the adventure and lets you get a taste of the Northwestern Ontario Wilderness.

Below are just a few of the many lakes that provide great pike fishing opportunities.