A Unique Adventure

Inland Lakes Walleye

Unquestionably unique, the Pasha Lake Region of NW Ontario offers fresh water fishing action to all anglers. We have many lakes stuffed with Walleye but we concentrate on 28 of the top lakes to ensure our guests have the time of their lives. All of these lakes have outstanding Walleye fishing. It is common for guests to catch between 60 and 100 Walleyes in a day with 2 to 5 pounders being common. Most guests will catch multiple Walleyes in the 6 to 8 pound range during a week of fishing and on occasion guests catch Walleyes between 9 and 12 pounds. Fish this big are rare on the inland lakes but they are there. If you are specifically looking for a monster trophy Walleye, check out our Lake Nipigon Walleye Dream Trip Adventure!

Inland Lakes Pike

The Trophy Pike Lakes surrounding Pasha Lake Cabins are absolutely stuffed with Northern Pike of every size. In some of the lakes you will experience non-stop action all day and easily catch between 60 and 100 Northerns depending on how hard you fish. In other lakes, the numbers may be a little lower because all the young Pike get eaten by the monsters Northerns that are patrolling the shoals and shoreline. These big trophy Pike are hungry and attack everything that moves. Just tell us what you want and we will send you to the right lake.

The most common sizes of Pike in our inland lakes range from 24 to 35 inches and you will catch tons of them. Larger Trophy Northern Pike in the 15 to 25-pound range are less frequent but our guests do catch lots of them and anyone’s chances of catching a trophy are very good. Each year we have around 35 to 40 guests who catch big trophies and since we have owned the lodge we have seen guests catch really thick Pike in the 46-inch range that exceeded 25 pounds.

Inland Lakes Trout

We are located in the Lake Nipigon Watershed. Our whole area is peppered with hundreds of spring-fed lakes, streams and ponds and all eventually flowing into Lake Nipigon. All these streams and lakes are stuffed with Brook Trout, Lake Trout and Splake.


Brook Trout can be caught in many of the local lakes and streams but the best lakes are in the chart below. Brook Trout come in many different sizes. They are most common in the 10 to 16-inch range but bigger Brookies in the 3 to 6-pound range get taken throughout the year. There have been Brook Trout caught up to 8 pounds but they are rare at that size on the smaller inland lakes. Our guests, while fishing on Lake Nipigon, usually take the gigantic Trophy Brook Trout.


Lake Trout are common in the 2 to 10-pound range and on the inland lakes guests have caught Lake Trout over 25 pounds. Lake Trout are also available in good numbers. Guests have reported catching 30 keepers in a day. Even though you will catch lots of small ones, bigger trout usually take about an hour of fishing to get.


A cross between a Lake Trout and a Brook Trout. They were artificially bred and stocked into the Great Lakes but occur naturally in the small inland lakes in our area. Splake are rare in most areas but very common and easy to catch all year round at Pasha Lake Cabins. You catch Splake the same way you catch Lake Trout or Brook Trout.

45 Lakes Within 2 Hours

From the Pasha Lake Cabins Basecamp, there are many lakes that offer a variety of Trout opportunities for both Numbers and Trophy fish.

We don’t want our guests thinking that they just have Pasha Lake to fish. We want our guests to experience the adventure and thrill of fishing a different lake every day. You can think of Pasha Lake as the gateway to some of the top lakes in Ontario and a starting point for multiple Trophy expeditions. Lakes are accessible by boat or driving. Some lakes require a short walk down some portage paths through the forest, which adds to the adventure and lets you get a taste of the Northwestern Ontario Wilderness.

Below are just a few of the many lakes that provide great pike fishing opportunities.