Ontario’s Best Walleye Fishing

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Many of our guests have made the comment that we have the very best Walleye fishing on the planet when referring to the combination of size and numbers. Even Angelo and Pete Bowman from the Fish’n Canada Television Show referred to the fishing in the lakes surrounding Pasha Lake with the quotes: “Every fisherman’s dream” , “We hit pay-dirt and won the walleye Lottery” and “never seen anything like this in my life“. That is strong testimony coming from two brothers who have fished just about every hot spot for Walleye in Canada.

The truth is not only are our lakes stuffed with Walleye; the average size is much larger than the average size in Ontario. You can pay big bucks to fly into a remote lake father north and catch 100 Walleyes per day but you will find every fish is the same size, which gets boring after a couple of days. There are other lakes that are known for big trophy Walleyes but you are lucky to catch 1 or 2 Walleyes in a day on these lakes. The lakes surrounding Pasha Lake offer the best of both worlds at a price that is far more economical than a fly-in and with far superior accommodations.

We have many lakes stuffed with Walleye but we concentrate on 28 of the top lakes to ensure our guests have the time of their lives. All of these lakes have outstanding Walleye fishing. It is common for guests to catch between 60 and 100 Walleyes in a day with 2 to 5 pounders being common. Most guests will catch multiple Walleyes in the 6 to 8 pound range during a week of fishing and on occasion guests catch Walleyes between 9 and 12 pounds. Fish this big are rare on the inland lakes but they are there. If you are specifically looking for a monster trophy Walleye, we have a solution for you, which we describe at the bottom of this page.

Below is a list of our top Walleye Lakes.

Inland Walleye Lakes

Walleye Lakes Trophy or Numbers Access

Atitigogama Numbers Drive to 25, min

Babika Numbers Drive to, 45min

Bear Skin Trophy Drive to, 10 min

Black Water River Numbers Drive to, boat to, 1hr

Conglomerate Numbers Drive to, 45 min

Dennis Numbers Drive to, 25min

Elbow Trophy & numbers Drive to, 1.15hr

Gripp Numbers Boat to, 2.5 hr

Jackson Numbers Drive to, 1 hr

Juno Numbers Drive to, 2 hr

Leopard Numbers Drive to, 35 min

Little Jackfish Trophy & Numbers Boat to, 45 min

Little Pasha Numbers Drive to, 3 min

Nezah Numbers Drive to, 10 min

Northwind Numbers & Trophy drive to, 20 min

O’Neil Numbers Drive to, 45 min

Ombabika Numbers drive to, 45 min

Onaman Trophy & Numbers drive to, 45min

Parks Trophy & Numbers Drive to, 30 min

Partridge Numbers Drive to, 15 min

South Beatty Numbers Drive to, 1 hr

Sturgeon River Numbers Drive to, 15 min

Summit Numbers Boat to, 2.5 hr

Todd Numbers Drive to, 45 min

Toronto Trophy & Numbers Drive to, 2 hr

Turkey Trophy & numbers Drive to, 45 min

Tyrol Numbers Drive to, 25 min

Wilkinson Numbers Drive to, 15 min

Lake Nipigon

The reason why our Walleye fishing is so awesome is because our guests are true sportsfishing enthusiast and practice catch and release and only keep the small 15-inchers for shore lunch. Our location is very remote and only a handful of people know how to get into these great Walleye lakes. As a result they receive very little fishing pressure. These lakes are also all connected by streams and rivers thus they receive a constant supply of fresh water and nutrients, which keeps the population of baitfish high and in turn keeps the Walleyes well fed. The water system connecting these lakes is in the Lake Nipigon watershed and is somewhat isolated from other Walleye waters thus our genetically larger Walleyes do not interbreed with smaller inferior Walleyes. The result is the best Walleye fishing in Ontario and maybe on the planet. Are you looking for a Monster Trophy Walleye?

We offer a very special adventure, which we call the Walleye Dream Trip. We take you by jet boat across Lake Nipigon to the Jackfish River system where literally 1000s of Walleyes congregate. Most guests who take advantage of this opportunity catch the most Walleyes of their lives. Please Click Here for details.