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Brag Book: Hunting & Fishing Stories & Testimonials from our Guests:



Chad and Michelle,

Our group enjoyed our stay at your camp. It was a new experience for us. We are accustomed to fishing one lake for a week instead of a different lake every day. The scenery around the lakes are second to none. It was some of the best walleye fishing we have had in years. We appreciate your efforts to make it a memorable trip. Good luck with the rest of your season.



Chad and Michelle, just a short note to thank you for our stay at your resort. I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on your outboard motors. Your Yamaha motors were by far the best rental motors we have encountered. The first morning it was below freezing and it took two pulls to start (probably because I didn’t use the choke) and from there on first pull everytime for the rest of the week.Also wish to thank Jim and his wife for their help.Thanks and hope to see you again.

Jim and Harry – 2015



Thanks for the great stay!! I think it was some of the best fishing of the last 25 years!!!

Please book us for same week, 2014

Steve – 2013


Hi Chad,

Thanks very much for the great hospitality and great times. We also enjoyed meeting you. You have a paradise there. We had some terrific adventures and really enjoyed the fishing. Yesterday, on Beadie Lake ???? was the biggest adventure…. both the fishing for trophies (which we got – and released after pictures) and the trip in and out. Finding our path entrance was a bit of a challenge but we eventually hit upon it. We decided not to go back to the beaver dam to pick up the paddle as we weren’t sure if we’d find the bay or get back to the path. We left the two boats with motors, paddles and nets at the head of the path. The walk back with all our gear and the fish was a good workout but we were so pleased with the day’s events that we got through it just fine.

What a trophy pike bay you left us in. We could see them very clearly against the white bottom. They weren’t biting much at first but eventually they did. We’ll get some pictures to you with plenty of smiles on our faces. We also had a great time at Lake Goddard finding the speckled trout. So much fun and of course, very delicious. You laid out a terrific plan for us on day one and all 3 days worked out really well.

Thanks again
Bill – Spring 2010


Hey Chad

We stopped in to Pasha to show off a pretty impressive Lake trout limit but you where out at the time, I guess.

We hammered the trout in Paint, catching 15 of them by 5 O’clock. We could have been off the lake at 10 in the morning with our limit but we chose to let the small ones go and fish for something bigger. We had a 6 lb laker right away then several small ones 2-4 lbs.

It was slow for a few hours and we feared we had chosen the wrong option and were going to have too go home with only one fish we had kept, and then the bite started to pick up.

My fishing partner Harry hauled up a nice 11 lb trout and a couple more 2-4 lbers. Then just before leaving the lake I caught a nice 14 pounder.

All of the fish were caught downrigging, without any live bait required.

Tom – 2010


Hi Chad

We had a great week at your cabins.

Thanks again,
Don Roecker – 2010


Pasha Lake Cabins:

I have been coming to Pasha Lake Cabins for 7 years, and plan to keep coming for many years to come. The excitememt of each years return, builds daily, as I track the days. The count down begins the day we pull out of camp each year. My Brother In Law Tod and I, have a yearly routine that begins with a trip in April to Cabela’s. Next is the annual menu planning party at the end of May, followed by the grocery shopping event two days prior to departure for the greatest fishing week anyone could imagine.

To me, there is so much more to this annual trip than just the fishing. The time spent together with friends and family, the wonderful sunsets, accomadations, the peace and quiet, the wildlife, the food, our Hosts Chad and Michelle, and the fish fry, talking with, and meeting new people from all over the US and Canada just to mention a few. The fishing is incredible. The fisheries in this area are second to none. You catch a lot of fish! There are many different lakes to attract any angler, from the pro, to the youngster that just received his or her first fishing pole as a gift. You do not need to be an expert to catch fish in this area.

When you are planning your next Canada fishing trip I highly recommend Pasha Lake Cabins. I have, to many of my friends. They have said, what I told them about my experiences was no fish story. Everything I told them was true. You too, will have fly in fishing results without the cost of the airplane.

Bob Tahtinen
Saginaw, Mn.


The Third Week Of June At Pasha Lake:

Since 1993, we have made the yearly trip to Pasha Lake Cabins. Hundreds of fish and three owners later, we have no inkling to change our yearly plans for the third week of June.

There are many reasons why Chad and Michelle, make it easy to have a great Canadian fishing experience.

First is the way you are treated as friends and not customers. Chad and Michelle are always available to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, whether you just need some minnows, directions to a “secret” fishing hotspot, or personalized guide service. In fact, the first time I met Chad was in Nipigon. He drove the Jet Boat trailer down so I could transport my boat and trailer, which were in Thunder Bay with a broken wheel…not a bad first impression! The weekly resort-wide fish fry is also a nice touch. It gives all of the guests a chance to get together and share their fish stories from the week and years past.

The second reason is that they are continually improving the resort. The rental equipment is frequently upgraded, the cabins have been modernized, and the addition of the deluxe cabins, make Pasha Lake a place where you can bring your wife, I have. The resort is located on a secluded peninsula, where it is common to hear a loon’s song and the calming sound of waves hitting the shore, which is very relaxing after a hard day on the lake.

Finally, variety is another reason why Pasha Lake Cabins is our choice. There is a variety of fish species that can be caught in the lakes near the resort. Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Splake, and Whitefish can be found in lakes that are a short distance from the resort. You also have a variety of lake styles. There are large lakes of nearly 20 miles across, and smaller lakes that are nice during days with high winds. You can take the road well traveled, or you can have a creek-running adventure to get to some of the hard to get to lakes that are guarded by beaver dams. There is also a variety of wildlife that you may see while traveling or even on the lakes. We have seen moose, bear, lynx, cougar, eagles, grouse, and about a million jackrabbits.

In conclusion, there are many different resorts in many different places, but we hit the jackpot when we found Pasha Lake Cabins in 1994. Whether or not we bring home a trophy fish each year we are still very lucky, because we don’t have to bother to find a new resort each year…We just tell Chad to make sure he has our cabin reserved for the third week of June the following year.

Dave Madsen
Menomonie, WI

Len Madsen
Fall Creek, WI



I’ve been coming to Pasha Lake Cabins for the past 5 years with my fishing buddy Sandy. Accommodations and facilities are excellent and the cost is more than reasonable. Pasha is an excellent base with 100’s of lakes surrounding it. The variety of fishing opportunities is endless..walleye,pike,lakers,brookies…it’s all available from small back lakes to much larger lakes like Lake Nipigon.

In May of 2009 my 20 year old son Chris and I spent a week at Pasha. I was hoping we’d get into some monster pike and Chris would be able to experience the thrill of fighting a 40″ pike. Boy did my wish come true…on 2 separate days we made our way into and through a series of back lakes in search of monster pike. We weren’t let down..on both days we caught numerous 38″ to 42″ pike. Chris was thrilled and I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face watching my son experience what some believe is only available by fly-ins to very remote northern lakes.

If clean comfortable accommodations, very reasonable rates, very accommodating hosts and excellent fishing is what you’re after, Pasha Lake Cabins is hard to beat. My son and I are counting down the days until we spend another week at Pasha in 2010. I’ve stayed at a variety of fishing camps in Northern Ontario over the past 15 years and Pasha is at the top of my list. For me it’s more than worth the 850 mile drive and I will continue to come to Pasha as it’s where great memories are made..

Dave Pothier
Ancaster, Ontario



I’d be happy to give you my opinion and any insights to the area.

I have been fishing (and hunting birds) in the Lake Nipigon area since I was 7 years old. My grandfather lived on Lake Nipigon for 25 years and I spent all my summers in the area for many years.

I have returned to the area every year but 5 for over 50 years. We usually go in September (Grouse hunting opens Sept 15th) and the Whitefish run up the rivers at that time. We fish for Walleye, Pike, and Whitefish.

Although I have spent many hours fishing on Lake Nipigon (primarily when I was younger) the vast majority of our fishing is done on inland lakes and rivers feeding Nipigon. In many cases the rivers are not conducive to larger boats (rocks and shallows). We did haul our own boats and motors for quite a few years but have realized it just isn’t worth it in this area.

Our group has varied from 4 to 9 guys and we have stayed at 6 different camps over 30 years. We have now stayed at Pasha Lake for over the past 15 years and I simply cannot say enough about the camp. It is run top notch for fisherman and hunters who want to succeed. The owners and staff are there to make sure you catch fish (and lots of them). We would not even consider another resort as long as we continue to fish the area.

The fishing package includes all boats, motors and bait. There are boats available at many lakes and trailers if you want to go other places. The equipment is maintained, clean and causes us very little issues.

Chad took over the resort in 2005 and he is by far the most experienced fisherman to run the resort. He will see to it that you have an incredible fishing vacation.

The little Jackfish River is truly a once in a lifetime event. We have caught over 500 walleyes with 5 guys in less than 4 1/2 hrs!! The average size was 19-23 inches. But honestly its almost unfair and I can’t imagine fishing it more than once in a week long vacation. There are dozens of other lakes that offer fast action with even larger sizes and a few with Pike that are downright scary.

I my opinion, I would recommend using your boat a little on Lake Nipigon if you want, but spending most of your time on the productive inland lakes using Pasha boats. Some of the lakes are big lakes but have little or no access to launch.

Steve LaLonde
Midland MI

Greg Woelfel
Milford MI