Lake Nipigon Walleye Fishing

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Lake Nipigon is the largest inland lake in Ontario. Only the Great Lakes are larger. Lake of the Woods is actually 11% smaller even though it has a reputation for being the largest. Lake Nipigon consists of 2802 miles2 (4510 km2) of pristine water and dotted with hundreds of islands. There are many streams and rivers running into the lake with the Nipigon River being the main outflow.

Lake Nipigon is famous for high numbers of Walleyes and big trophy Walleyes. There are endless shoals, weedy bays, sunken reefs and weedy plateaus where Walleye congregate in vast numbers. Like all fish there are good and bad days as far as fish feeding but many of our guests have reached that 100 Walleyes-in-a-day mark and many of our guests have caught the most Walleyes of their lives on Nipigon. There are also many different kinds of Walleye fishing on Lake Nipigon. You can troll for suspended walleyes out in open water. You can fish for walleyes off deep sunken reefs and shoals. You can fish around islands and weed beds. You can fish along the shore or go up into the rivers and streams that run into the lake. There is variety of structure and we suggest you fish the structure you are best equipped for or fish the structure you are most experienced with. The Walleyes are found in many areas of the lake.

Please Note: Anglers are catching and releasing so many fish in Lake Nipigon that it is now designated as a barbless hook only lake.

Most of the Walleyes you catch will be in the 15 to 31-inch range. Depending on how thick the Walleye is, a 31-inch Walleye could be anywhere from 7 pounds to 14 pounds. The majority of Walleyes that you catch will be in the 2 to 4-pound range with a great chance of pulling in a 5 or 6-pound fish. The larger Walleyes tend to be in the deeper water and around shoals and sunken reefs during the summer. In the spring the big trophy Walleyes will be right up near shore in sandy areas or in the streams and rivers because they are spawning. The smaller Walleyes will stay shallow all year. This is not always true. There are many large Trophy Walleyes caught in the shallows close to shore in the summer. It’s usually early morning or on overcast and rainy days when

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the big Walleyes come shallow.

Lake Nipigon is a big lake and if you do not know the lake you can get lost or have trouble finding the really hot areas to fish. Weather is also another thing to consider. If you have a 14 or 16-foot boat and want to go out on Lake Nipigon by yourself, it would be safer if you stayed close to shore or if open water tolling, stay within a mile or two of the boat launch. Like a snap of your fingers, Lake Nipigon can turn nasty and be very dangerous in a small boat. With these factors in mind, we want you to know that you have the option to let us guide you on a trip to Lake Nipigon or we can arrange for you to spend a day with Lake Nipigon Charters. This way you are safe and you can hit the hot walleye spots right away and don’t waste any time.

We also have a day-trip called the Walleye Dream Trip, where we take you into the Jackfish River for the best Walleye fishing imaginable. Advantages of Vacationing at Pasha Lake Cabins vs. in the Town of Nipigon:

As we said before, the weather can come in and produce high winds. Lake Nipigon can be a very dangerous lake when it’s windy. If you are staying in the town of Nipigon, you could spend your whole vacation sitting in your cabin waiting for the weather to clear while the lakes surrounding Pasha Lake Cabins are smaller and there are many ways to escape high winds and still have a very productive day of fishing. If the forecast looks good, then you take day trips to Lake Nipigon.

There are no fishing camps on Lake Nipigon. Vacationing at Pasha Lake Cabins and taking day-trips to Lake Nipigon is the most advantageous plan you can make. If the weather turns bad, you can still have a productive day of fishing on the lakes surounding Pasha Lake instead of sitting in a hotel room in town waiting for the charter boat to give you the ok.

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