Nipigon River Brook Trout Fishing

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Ontario Brook Trout Fishing

Have you ever dreamed about fishing one of the most prolific brook trout fisheries in the world?

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Does your heart pump with sure exhilaration thinking about fishing an area that holds title to the WORLD RECORD BROOK TROUT (Dr. W. J. Cook on the Nipigon River, Ontario. The trout weighed 14 lbs. 8oz)?

Imagine for a moment, fishing one of the thousands of remote tributaries to the mighty brook trout infested waters of Lake Nipigon.

Chasing spring brook trout can be one of the most rewarding angling experiences on the planet. For there is no other fish that requires more skill, dedication, patience and persistence then catching “coasters”. Lake Nipigon

The Pasha Lake region is on the door step to what is recognized as the most abundant brook trout fishing on the plant. Lake Nipigon and it’s tributaries have created the most pristine habitat when it comes to producing mind staggering numbers of natural, wild brook trout. Locally known as “specs”, Nipigon brook trout have access to unlimited food sources causing them to grow to double, sometimes even triple their average size. In fact, it is not uncommon to land several brook trout in access of 21″ in a single day of fishing the Pasha Lake Region and Lake Nipigon. In-land Lakes & Streams

But Nipigon isn’t the only place to pursue these unique game fish. You’ll also have access to several in-land lakes & streams that hold wild brook trout in respectable numbers. In fact, less than 3 minutes from the main lodge, you can fish a small, secret lake that has produced several trophy brook trout including two from 2008 that were 23″ or better.

The Pasha Lake Region is also is strategically positioned between to major river systems (The Black Water & Namewamikan) that have many of it’s tributaries infested with brook trout. It’s a rare event when you come across another angler in pursuit of these awesome game fish, especially in our back waters.

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Try you hand at fly fishing specs when they are cruising the shallows in the spring. Their quest for bugs and easy meals make them highly susceptible to your unsuspecting fly. Hands down, fishing spring brook trout with a fly rod, in the remote tributaries of the Pasha Lake Region is the most enjoyable angling experience ever undertaken. Fly fisherman of all skill levels find the numbers and unyielding action, a very addictive experience. Accommodations

Rest assured that when you return from a hard day’s fish, you can relax and revitalize in one of our immaculate, luxury cabins that were built for royalty. Our cabins come fully equipped with hot/cold running water, modern toilets, full kitchens and propane heat to keep you warm on those cool Canadian nights. What more? Enjoy our large conference center fully equipped with wireless internet, 24 hour phone and satellite TV. And since you can access our remote location by auto, you won’t need to break the bank to experience luxurious, action packed brook trout fishing of a life time.

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