Fish Jumping in the Boat

by | Jun 25, 2017 | Archives

Scratch… Is that a broken record?

Nope, that’s the flaming red hot fishing in the Pasha Lake Region of Northwest Ontario. Seriously folks, this is getting borderline ridiculous!

As we started last week, I can remember thinking to myself, how can fishing get any better? But now that I look back, I was asking the wrong question. I should’ve asked, how long can this crazy fishing last?

Handed to me last night was a well thought out point system created by the Bill Conklin group of Ohio. Bill has been coming here for over 3 years and competition among his group members to gain points during their week here, is fierce. As an example of possible points earned, a 39″ and larger pike gets you 5 points, a 26″or bigger walleye the same. Smaller fish are awarded points on a sliding scale. One is left to imagine how many points were earned collectively among their group given the fact that I handed them two, not one, but TWO Pasha Lake Trophy club hats this year. By weeks end they landed two pike 40″ or better, multiple plus 20 walleyes and that doesn’t even include the MONSTER that eluded the net and left them shaking in their boots. Next year guys… you’ll get her!

“Take care of business” – words used by Justin B in reference to fishing the Pasha Lake region of Ontario. If you remember back two years ago, Justin downed an IMPRESSIVE 360# boar during his bear hunt. A touch shy of 24 months later, he’s out on Onaman Lake crushing 24 and 25 inch walleyes like they were pop cans! Justin has truly been bitten by the bug of all things possible when it comes to fishing and hunting in this region. Congrats kind sir, you boated some impressive fish this week. In fact, shortly before he departed home, he was quoted as saying “this has been the best fishing of my life”. Justin, I agree!

So what is causing all these fish to jump in the boat like Asian Carp? The preferred method of choice has been the jig and minnow, although we are starting to pull spinners around on a crawler harnesses, both seem to be equally effective. Depths are ranging from 5 – 15 feet of water, but there is some variance depending on what water ways you’re fishing. For instance, Onaman Lake is producing action from 5 – 10, but smaller lakes are seeing walleyes in the weeds as shallow as 5fow.

The big pike bite is also on. With water temps getting warmer every day, the big females have started their slide to deeper haunts, especially breaks near weed beds. They can be however, and frustrating to anglers, be as shallow as 5feet in depths of 60fow when there is a significant bait fish run. That happened a couple of times last week where guys trolling shallow for lakers hooked into a ginormous gator patrolling the upper water column for feed. This week we welcome July and both Canada and the US independence days. You can find us down on Lake Nipigon come Monday enjoying some water fun, fireworks and, of course, good fishing. Weather wise, things are very pleasant although we could afford to have the bugs to take a vacation.

Oh, and almost forgot. The Walleye Dream Trip is a go! I was up there on Tuesday and the fish are slowly starting to stage in their preferred summer locals. It wasn’t exactly WDT caliber yet, but it should only get better in the days ahead.

Until next time