Best Drive to Lodge – Pasha Lake Cabins Question of the Day

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Can you send me info on rates and cabins and package deals for 5 to 6 people in august?

Inland Lake Trout upstream of Lake Nipigon

Typical Lake Trout caught by the guests of Pasha Lake Cabins while fishing inland lakes. The Lake Nipigon strain of Lake Trout is MUCH bigger!

The most popular and frequently booked by new guests is the Fishing Package which i’ve detailed below.  Second to that is the Cabin Package where you bring your own boat.

Right now – Cabin #5 is available Aug 1-8 … Cabins are fully equipped with a kitchen, microwave, range top oven, coffee maker and all the cutlery/utensils.  We also have 24/7 power (no generators) private bathroom with modern flush toilets and a stand up shower.  Cabin #5 is a x4 bedroom, 7 bed cabin (you do not pay for empty beds).  It was rehabbed in 2018 and is a very popular and highly requested cabin.

Please call or text anytime 715 817 4161


This beautiful walleye was caught and released while stay at Pasha Lake Cabins in the Lake Nipigon region of Ontario Canada