Best Drive to Lodge – Pasha Lake Cabins Question of The Day

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Fishing, Lake Nipigon

Is there a chip card for the Pasha Lake / Lake Nipigon Region?

No, not really. Some companies have attempted to copy some chart information from surveys done in the 60’s, but they are fairly inaccurate and hard to come by. We have custom lake maps available for you at the lodge, however they do not have lake contours.

Before we let you take off for a day of fishing, we make sure you have travel maps as well as lake maps.  Our custom made lake maps key in on fishing hotspots which make finding and catching a lot of fish much easier.  Guests love our maps, it takes the guess work out of breaking down a lake.  They are simple, but very effective.

Keep in mind, the bodies of water in the Pasha Lake Region of Ontario Canada are remote access.  Often times they are hard to get to.  That means fishing is very good – there is no pressure and the fish aggressively bite baits and lures.  Also, the fact our guests fish multiple lakes adds much needed variety to your fishing vacation and avoids the mundane boredom that comes with fishing the same lake and same spots over and over again.

If you are interested in learning more about our adventure style of fishing multi-lakes and multi-species of fish, please contact Chad at 715 817 4161 – you can text as well.  Alternatively you can email

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This trophy Northern Pike was landed in the Lake Nipigon Region of Ontario Canada