Ontario Winter Fishing Camp

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Great Winter Fishing

Steve Mathews 03-Mar-2003

Two friends and I went and stayed at Pasha Lake Cabins February 25 to March 1.

First day: Got a late start, had snowmobile troubles right away, didn’t get fishing until 11 o’clock or so. Rolly landed a nice lake trout (8lbs), then Craig landed a nice 17lb laker half hour later. I had one nice fish come in and took a wack at my lure but did not hold on. We then came back to work on the snowmobile so we could go to Darrell’s secret splake lake. Found out that the ditch pickel had blown up, so Darrell borrowed us a snowmobile. We then loaded up for the splake lake.

We got up around 4:30 – so excited we didn’t even eat. We arrived where you park around 7:00 am. We were fishing around 8:30. Fishing was slow. We caught a few smaller ones. I then became really rammy and started to move around, catching splake in every spot I tried. I was starting to get really tired from moving so much, but I decided to move one more time. It paid off. I caught a nice 3lb splake right away, then it was slow for the next couple of hours. Right when the sun started to sneak off, they came in and they where hungry. As fast as I could get my line down I would catch one or miss one. By now I’m yelling for Rolly and Craig. They came over and we caught around 15 to 20 splake from 3lbs to eight and half pounds in the next 45 minutes. It was awesome!

The next day slept in a little later than usual. Rolly was the rammy one of group – he decided to go fishing with Darrell and a few of his buddies. They were going for trophy pike. Craig and I decided to go to town for gas and mix for rum dumbs. We then came back and loaded up for some brook trout fishing – just a short ride on the sled. We were fishing by one o’clock. We set in about 10 feet of water. We jumped in the fish house and couldn’t believe how clear we could see. We weren’t there very long when we saw the biggest brooky we had ever seen. We couldn’t get him to bite, but in next hour or two we landed 18 brookies from 9 to 12 inches. We fried a couple on the lake, umm tasty. We had just finished eating when Craig said “Wow,” right when he set the hook. He hooked a 20 incher. He was so excited he was speechless. It was the prettiest fish I had ever seen. We then packed up and headed for the cabin. Rolly was back from his trip with Darrell and caught some nice northerns up to 25 lbs and saw some beautiful country. He didn’t care for snowmobile ride, said it was a little rough. Darrell told him the ride was no charge, ha ha ha. He said it was a good time and good company. We then sat under the stars. We started talking about how much fun and how many fish we had caught and how nice Darrell and his wife are. They really were nice and treated us like they want us to come back, thanks.