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The Splake Lake and the “Secret” Lure

Mike Swanson 02-Feb-2003

Darrell guided my wife Brenda, my brother-in-law Rick, and myself into the now famous Splake lake a few years back. My wife and I had never even fished Splake before this trip. We were pretty excited about the fishing, and couldn’t wait to try out the “secret” lure Darrell had told us about. We weren’t set up for more than 10 minutes before we had the first Splake on the line. The flurry continued and before noon our catch had tallied up to a dozen or so. When the dust settled each of us had caught a wall hanger, as well as some beautiful 3 to 5 pound eaters. My wife and I kept ours for the wall and the others were released. All of them were caught on the “secret” lure. We drowned every other similar lure in our boxes, without any takers. When Darrell tells you he has a special lake to take you to and a “secret” lure to use, you had better hold on tight. An outstanding day of fishing was had by all. Thanks again for “Raising the Bar.”

By the way, mine is the bigger Splake…