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2008 Vacation

Vacation July-2008

“It has taken a little while to get back into the routine again, but the time at vacation in Pasha is fading again, so I thought that I’d send some pics and a word or two, try and bring back some of the memories.

Chad, thanks again for taking the time on that Thursday night to go to Jackson lake and fish with my son and I. He was really enthused about the hike through the bush, happy about the quantity and quality of walleye’s we caught and that trip in general. I couldn’t believe that in the middle of July on a hot night we were catching walleyes in 6 feet of water, and as many walleyes as we had time or minnows for.


I’m happy that we got into a camp that is family oriented, has a family looking after it and generally helps me relax knowing that I won’t run into the situation that I described to you while on our trip last fall.

It is a lot of fun to watch the generations of family come to Pasha to enjoy life outside the confines of citylife, and amazing to talk to people that have been coming to this area for decades. Quite a statement for the quality of time spent at Pasha. One of the memories my son has of this last trip is watching pike in the weeds trying to and sometimes suceeding at ambushing minnows in Pasha lake. Not a regular fishing camp and it is now 5 years for us.

We’ll see you again next year and look forward to it

PS don’t believe the dates on the pics- it was the 17th July

Dave Hume”