2020 St. Paul Ice Show and Picture Challenge

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I have to admit – the wrapping up of the 2019 open water season has me a bit anxious.  While I am ready for a mini sabbatical given the fact we’re coming off one of the busiest season in our history, I’m also excited to kick off the hard water season.

A week ago today, I returned from Elk Hunting with none other than James Holst – the creator and host of the wildly famous fishing television show In-Depth Outdoors.  We spent a week out in Montana chasing elusive elk and had a pretty good time doing it.

Lake Nipigon - vacation

2019 Elk – Pasha Lake Cabins Vacation

The required 17 hour drive (34 hours round trip) had us reminiscing on a variety of topics – we covered everything from our favorite flannel pajamas to rocket science and the likelihood of time travel (it was a long time to be in a truck with one person). 

On the return trip home, somewhere in the middle of North Dakota, the sun started to peak over the horizon.  It didn’t take long for two guys who make a living from fishing to notice most of the water looked pretty hard.  We shouldn’t have been surprised given the frigid temperatures hovering in single digits, but for a brief period neither of us wanted to acknowledge the inevitable.   Introduce yet another topic for discussion. 

To make a long story short – James and I thought it would be a great idea to kick off the ice fishing season by filming an IDO show at Pasha Lake Cabins as soon as we can get on safe ice.  And given current conditions – that looks like it will happen very soon.

Temps in the 20’s, frozen ponds, gray skies, rifle deer season – all these things suggest fall is wrapping up and soon we’ll be walking on water.  Mentally I am very reluctant to give up warm weather, open water fishing and being outside with only one layer of clothes, but ill have to accept it sooner or later.  Catching my first fish of the season through an ice hole will go a long way in doing that.

Onaman Lake

Ice fishing perch in the Pasha Lake region of Ontario

Other current events at Pasha Lake Cabins –

Michelle is working on the annual picture book.  She sent out a mass email as well as a Facebook post requesting x2 pictures from your 2019 adventure at Pasha Lake Cabins.  A $50 gift certificate will be given to the winning picture as well as be displayed at the Ice Fishing Show in St. Paul Minnesota from December 6-9.  The gift certificate can be used for a trip to Pasha or in our new Pasha Lake Cabins Online Store.  Every submission will also be thrown into a hat.   We will draw a random winner and they will be invited to join us when we film the upcoming IDO show in a few weeks.

Given the amount of work and effort that goes into putting the book together, Michelle has asked everyone one to have their pictures in no later than Saturday, November 9th, 2019.  Pictures can be of anything related to Pasha Lake Cabins – fishing, hunting, scenery or something unique.  As of this writing we’ve received a ton of pictures and want to thank you.  Please keep them coming.

December 6, 7 and 8 2019 – Pasha Lake Cabins will have a booth at the St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show.  Please stop by and say hi – Michelle and I, we will both be there.

Winter Reservations – if you’re thinking about a get-a-away this winter – come join us at Pasha Lake Cabins.  We keep the deluxe cottages open for winter – full kitchen, hot cold running water, private washroom with stand up shower, 1100sqft / 4 bedroom cottages with in-floor radiant heat.  Ian will be there to make sure you have a wonderful time and catch tons of fish.  Book your winter vacation now at Pasha Lake Cabins – 715 817 4161.

Lake Nipigon

Walleye from Onaman Lake – Pasha Lake Region of Ontario

Speaking of Winter ice fishing –  I can’t get over how much fun my last ice fishing trip to Pasha Lake was.  In 3 days of fishing we got limits upon limits of jumbo perch, tons of walleye and my favorite – 3 lake trout over 20lbs.  Looking forward to doing that one again real soon!

Summer Reservations – June 2020 is filling up fast.  We are 75% booked for June so if you’re considering a vacation next summer to Pasha Lake Cabins – give us a call asap.  We need to get your cabin reserved.

As always – call, text, email, send a telegram or even use morse code – reach out if you have questions, want to book or just want to say hi.  Michelle and I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to serving you this winter and the upcoming 2020 season!



Are you ready???

Pasha Lake Cabins

Lake Nipigon – 2019 trophy lake trout